For quality bathroom resurfacing services in Anchorage, AK

Do you have an out-dated bathroom with an ugly bath tub or shower? Replacing these fixtures or an entire bathroom can be very expensive and time consuming. It's cheaper and faster to have a professional refinish your tub, shower,  and tiles. Not only will you have yourself a new bathroom within a day or two, you will have money left in your pocket for other home projects. Superior Refinishing has over 16 years of bathroom resurfacing experience. We will work together to ensure that you will have the bathroom of your dreams. Our extensive tile and tub restoration services include tile reglazing, scratch and chip repair, tub refinishing and resurfacing and porcelain refinishing.

Concerned about your budget? Don't be! Superior Refinishing has options for all price levels and we can assist with all types of repairs and bathroom renovations in Anchorage, AK . We also offer free estimates on our services. Allow us to help make your dreams a reality at a price you can afford.

Why choose us?

Our specialty is bathroom resurfacing in Anchorage. We work fast and we'll leave the premises with absolutely no mess. Superior Refinishing offers:
  • Free estimates
  • Volume discounts
  • A completely green solution
  • 16 years of experience
  • Licensed insured and bonded
  • One Day Service, Next Day Use
  • Highest BBB Rating possible
  • Over 5,000 tubs refinished locally
  • Over 60 years of Research and Product Development

Tub Liner vs. Reglazing

         Drop-In Tub Liner           Reglazing
Is it expensive                                              Yes            No
Does it crack or split                                    Yes            No
Are there mold or hygiene issues                Yes            No
Can you use regular bath cleansers on it    No              Yes
Does it feel wobbly or spongy                     Yes             No
Will it make my tub seem smaller                Yes            No

Let us help you add value to your home!

Bathroom resurfacing can increase your standard of living and your home's value. Our comprehensive selection of materials allows you to make the right choice for your project and bring your bathroom back to life. Living with bathroom with chipped tiles or rusted edges can be hazardous to the entire family.

Superior Refinishingin Anchorage can help make your bathroom beautiful and safe again. We offer one day service and next day use. If you have any questions, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can trust us to do your bathroom resurfacing work correctly the first time. Before we begin restoration work on your bathtub,Superior Refinishing will reseal the area around it, insuring that your tub is functionally sound. Once everything is in proper working order, we will begin resurfacing your tub and store your bathroom back to new again.
What Are People Saying About Us?
"Michael; Thank you for your professional and friendly service while refinishing our bathroom tub. It looks like new. We also want to thank you for your prompt, next-day response, when you returned to our home to repair some scratches I created while installing the shower door. I especially appreciate that you assisted me in positioning the door correctly, and that you did not charge us for the follow-up visit. We highly recommend you and your company to everyone."

Dave & Donna Fitzgerald

Tile & tub restoration services

• Tile reglazing 
 • Scratch and chip repair
 • Tub refinishing and resurfacing
 • Porcelain refinishing
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