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Superior Refinishing of Alaska did an excellent job with my bathtub and tile, I was very pleased with the results. The pricing is reasonable and the service was exceptional, I would highly recommend Superior Refinishing of Alaska for any refinishing work.

Thanks again for doing a great job.

Loyde Hansen

As a Maintenance Manager at a large apartment complex, I have contracted with Michael of Superior Refinishing of Anchorage, Alaska to refinish 21 bathtubs at that facility over the past four years. I remain amazed at how an old bathtub with scratches and chips can be transformed into a smooth and durable new glossy white finish. I am typically not able to distinguish between a refinished bathtub and a brand new one. Changing the tub color is not an issue. Refinishing a bathtub is a fraction of the cost of replacing it, no bathtub removal is necessary, no disturbance of surrounding tile work or tub walls occurs, there is no cleanup or mess after the work, and the work is done in one day or less. Tub surface durability is proven.

About a year ago, I once made the mistake of contracting with another individual for a ?spray paint version of tub refinishing. These services are available, or one can purchase do it yourself kits through hardware stores. The spray paint method immediately appeared uneven and dull by comparison, and the paint is already wearing off. If you're already saving thousands by not tearing out a bathtub and rebuilding the room, why try to save a couple of hundred more to suffer an inferior spray-painted tub surface.

Michael has consistently been punctual, professional, friendly and trustworthy. His work is impeccable, and I highly recommend that you consider his services.

Liz Sonnek

Thank you Michael for all the hard work on repairing my downstairs bathroom. I honestly didn't know if it could be fixed and was overjoyed when you said you could do it. I had called several folks out to give me an estimate and they said they didn't repair tubs and to resolve the problem they'd have to completely replace not only the tub, but the wall mountings as well costing approximately $3000 $3600 dollars. One of the contractors gave me your name and I'm so glad he did because you saved me $2300+ dollars and not having to file a claim through my insurance company.

Thanks again.

Larry Williams

On-Site Property Manager
North Pointe Apartments

I am the on-site property manager of a large apartment complex in Anchorage.

We have over 400 units at this one site. Over the last nine years, we have been upgrading our bathtubs. These units were built around sixty years ago, and the old cast iron tubs are showing their age. We have been having Superior Refinishing of Alaska refurbish the tubs for about nine years. Mike has done an excellent job. When he finishes with a bathtub, the tub literally looks brand new. And the tubs wear extremely well, the earliest tubs that Mike refinished for us still appear shiny and new.

Dan Campbell

Hey Michael, this is Dan Campbell out in Chugiak getting back with you on how my shower/tub finished out. It came out awesome and Robby at North Sky Construction did a great job with the tile work. A picture is worth a thousand words so here is a couple so you see how it turned out. Thanks again for all your help - I love it!

Before refinish tub


After refinish tub


Before refinish tub


After refinish tub